Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Payment

We accept payment through paypal, PayNow, Mastercard & Visa

A email confirmation is automatically sent out with every successful order made. If you have not received a confirmation email, please email us at or WhatsApp us at 9852 2828 or 8299 6679 and we’ll double check to see if the order was successfully made

Please email us at or WhatsApp us at 9852 2828 or 8299 6679

Shipping and Self Collection

Yes, but strictly by appointment only.

Please drop us a email at or call 9852 2828 or 8299 6679 to arrange.

Delivery will be made within 5 days after we received your order. Please drop us a email or call 9852 2828 or 8299 6679 to arrange for urgent delivery.

Yes, minimum order for free delivery is $60. There will be a $7 delivery charge for order less than $60

Yes, please drop us a email or call 9852 2828 or 8299 6679 to check on status

Product Information

You can refer to the expiry date stated in our packaging

You do not need to refrigerate, but please make sure they are kept in a cool dry place and keep it free of moisture at all times

You can coat it with coconut oil and put in oven for a few minutes to have the crispy taste.

The yak milk chews are hand-made, as such each chew is unique and will not be the exact replicas of one another.

The colour  of the chews will depend on the location while in the smoker. The darker the chew indicates the chew was closer to smoke while the lighter indicates being further away.


We bring in only the most natural foods and products for your pets. Consuming foods that are produced with large amount of chemicals highly compromised the well-being of our pets, leading to a chain of health and skin problems. As such we strongly believe that every pet should enjoy a healthy and happy life and this starts from the right diet. We promise only the purest, finest,100% natural, human grade foods will be supplied to your beloved pets!

Return and Refund

Please fill up the Product Returns Form and we will get back to you within 3 days.