Moo Moo Paddywack (Dehydrated Beef Tendon)

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Moo Moo Paddywack (Dehydrated Beef Tendon)


Moo Moo Paddywack (Dehydrated Beef Tendon)

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Bugsy's Beef Paddywack is a great boneless, low-fat chew for dogs. The neck tendon contains essential Elastin proteins, natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Rich in Omega-3’s and naturally occurring high levels of Collagen to support and repair the joint structure as well as promote skin and coat health.

Product Highlights:

  • Each Paddywack is approximately between 9cm to 15cm in length
  • Natural Dental Chew suitable for dog of all ages
  • All natural and grain free
  • No added salt, flavouring or preservatives

No Anitbiotics

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Nutritional Analysis: Protein 89% Fat 5% Crude Fibre 0%

Ingredients: Beef Tendon


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